Cool Bathing to recycle swim hats

Cool Bathing

Swim-cap company Cool Bathing is offering a solution for all those swim hats you have collected and don’t want to throw into landfill. While many swimmers are happy to collect hats as mementos, there are plenty of swimmers who would rather Marie-Kondo their swim kit and chuck out the old hats.

“Hat Tricks will be an evolving project,” says Cool Bathing founder, Karen Thomas. “I aim to collect as many old swim caps as possible and then either upcycle or recycle them. Swim cap material is so versatile and colourful, I know lots of people with stacks of hats with nowhere to go and I have ideas involving different community groups, recycled into new products, but also for art projects and crafts.”

Karen is hoping to attract artists and designers, as well as people who could help recycle. At worst, any hats that can’t be made into anything will be paid for by Cool Bathing to be renewed into energy. Hand your hats in to Cool Bathing at Trihard events and Glampfest, or send to: Cool Bathing, 2 Reservoir Cottages, Lumley Moor Reservoir, North Yorkshire, HG4 3PN.

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Issue 33 December 2019

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