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Dates for MCS Beach Clean days

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The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is looking for volunteers to help clean up Britain’s beaches with a series of “Beach Clean” days around the country. For 2017, in carefully chosen language, the MCS would like to encourage more children of the 60s (or before) to get involved.

This is how they put it:

“You’ve seen so much - from the first man in space and the first colour TV programme, to the first plastic bags being handed out for free... Now do a first for yourself. Join our army of 50 somethings off to do their first Marine Conservation Society beach clean.”

In our last survey, the average age of an Outdoor Swimmer reader was 48, which means there’s a good chance some of you fall into this category (and at least one member of the Outdoor Swimmer team does), so why not get involved. After all, it’s much nice to swim off a clean beach than one strewn with litter.

Dates vary by location. Upcoming dates can be seen at:

If you take part, we’d love to see and share your pictures so please post them on social media and tag us or send to for consideration for our “swim snaps” page in the magazine.

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