Ear plugs that don’t stop you from hearing

We haven’t tested these yet so can’t vouch for the claims but we’ve just received a press release about a new ear plug that allows you to hear while wearing them.

Surf Ears was designed in Sweden originally for surfers to help protect against the painful condition of surfer’s ear (exostosis) – a condition caused by repeated exposure to cold winds and water that causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to distort and develop abnormal growths which narrow and constrict the ear canal. Open water swimmers (especially frequent cold water swimmers) are also at risk and ear plugs (as well as covering the ears with a swimming cap) can help reduce the danger.
Ear plugs are also useful in reducing the risk of bacteria infection and swimmer’s ear (otitis externa, which is an inflammation of the external ear canal).
The problem with many ear plugs is that they impact your ability to hear, which is annoying and at times possibly dangerous.
The claim is that Surf Ears® have been designed to keep the water out but let sound in, “allowing you to stay connected to the environment while protecting yourself against surfer’s ear.”
We will test this once we get our hands on a sample. Meanwhile, Surf Plugs are being distributed in the UK by CJB’s Surf Company at a cost of £36.99 a pair.
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