Episode 4 of Downstream, our audio series for outdoor swimmers. This episode: wild swimming and the restorative power of nature

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Episode 4 of Downstream explores the restorative power of wild swimming and time spent in nature. We swim across the world’s most powerful maelstrom, scramble down to a secluded cove in Galloway Scotland for a glorious summer dip, and we visit the resting place of 20,000 saints. Finally, for we take a virtual plunge into the most beautiful wild swimming spots in the Lake District.

Lenka Janiurek reads an extract from her memoir Watermarks: Life, Death and Swimming.

Jack Hudson reads from Swim Wild, his account of his adventures as one third of the Wild Swimming Brothers.

Lucy Jones reads from Losing Eden, Why Our Minds Need the Wild.

Suzanna Cruickshank reads from her new guidebook, Swimming Wild in the Lake District.

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Issue 42 October 2020

  • Q&A with Jaimie Monahan - marathon swimmer and Queen of the Ice
  • Autumn swim adventures around the UK
  • The science behind cold water acclimatisation
  • Reviewed: The Best Open Water Goggles
  • The often deadly history of unsupported marathon swims

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