Expedition Beach Clean – Isle of Mull

Adventure tour operator Shane Wasik of Basking Shark Scotland is calling for volunteers and funds for a beach clean expedition after finding huge amounts of plastic rubbish washed up on a remote beach on the Isle of Mull.

“This Easter we ran a tour to the south coast of Mull to an amazing cliff lined bay and cascading waterfall for a lovely al-fresco shower! It’s around 50km from Oban so pretty far from any towns or population centres but the pebble beach was full with plastic rubbish. It was such a shame to see this beautiful place spoiled with such a mess!” says Shane.  

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The beautiful beach on the Isle of Mull

The beach is remote, exposed and only accessible by fast boat. Shane is appealing for donations to help fund the operation, which will include two RIBs, two dinghys, volunteers, and a truck to take the rubbish from the boats to the dump.

Shane has set up a crowdfunding page to help cover the costs.

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Plastic rubbish washed up on the shore

“We need 16 volunteers to help clean it,” says Shane.” Then we need to raise some cash to cover the boat expenses taking the volunteers the 50km to and from the beach, along with bringing the debris back.”

The clean-up is likely to happen next week during the week. Volunteers need to be fit and able to land and move on a rocky shore from a dingy and be fit enough for all the manual labour of the clean.

Email Shane if you are keen to volunteer.

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