Greg Whyte joins Elivar as their new Sports Nutrition Expert

Professor Greg Whyteleft With Elivar Co Founder Len Dunne Copy

Greg Whyte has taken on another job! Already Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University and Director of Performance at the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP), he is a coach to celebrities and an RLSS ambassador. His new role is with sports nutrition company Elivar as their sports nutrition expert.

Elivar sports nutrition products are designed specifically for the over-35s who remain physically active and it is the only nutrition company that tailors its products for older athletes, of which Greg is a prime example. He celebrated turning 50 in 2017 by taking part in 50 different swims, including several open water events such as Brownsea Island and the Henley Mile. He won age-group gold medals at the Swim England National Masters in the 1500m freestyle and 100m and 200m backstroke.

Greg is also well-known for his involvement in Comic Relief, training and coaching David Walliams and Davina McCall, and more recently Jo Brand and Radio1 DJ Greg James.

His role with Elivar will include the production of a series of videos to educate middle-aged athletes about using nutrition to improve performance and support long-term health. In particular, the campaign will focus on addressing issues around the use of carbohydrates during training and protein for recovery.

Elivar has been developing its innovative range of award winning sports nutrition products since 2014. It was founded by Donal Hanrahan and Len Dunne, two former international rowers who were frustrated at the poor quality of sports nutrition for over 35-year olds. It is exclusively focused on delivering formulations to allow older athletes to focus on performance without the stress of insulin spikes, indigestion or poor recovery. Products are based around low GI carbohydrates and complex proteins. Products are gluten and caffeine free and contains added age-relevant minerals and vitamins.

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