New fabric badge design announced

In August 2021 we created a competition asking the outdoor swimming community to design our 2022 fabric badge. The winner received a year’s subscription to Outdoor Swimmer Magazine (and gloating rights that they designed the badge!).

The Outdoor Swimmer fabric badge gets sent to all Outdoor Swimmer Supporter’s, Patron’s and Super Patron’s as a perk of their subscription and to show off that they are part of the outdoor swimming community. We’ve seen Outdoor Swimmer fabric badges on changing robes, swim bags, swimsuits, framed and all around the house.

Congratulations to Kate MacDonald for her winning design. Illustrator Kate Cromwell then adapted Kate’s drawing for the new badge design.

We are excited to announce that the new fabric badges are on their way to our print subscribers and will arrive with their February issue.

Our supporter badges are exclusively for print subscribers. If you want to get hold of one of our badges, become a print subscriber and you will receive the badge with your first issue.

Join the Family now as either a Supporter, Patron or Super Patron.

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