Outdoors brands announce wetsuit upcycling scheme

Dirtbags Climbing, a sustainable climbing brand which collects old climbing and outdoor gear and turns it into new products, has announced a new neoprene upcycling project.

Teaming up with Inland Sea, a sustainable clothing brand based in the UK, they plan to collect old wetsuits throughout April and May and upcycle them into surfer and swimmer-friendly products.

“We want to try and provide a solution by repurposing a material that can’t as yet be recycled,” said a spokesperson for Dirtbags Climbing. “We feel like we hit the tip of the iceberg with climbing gear, but wetsuits are another thing; a total different iceberg of unrecyclable, inevitable landfill.”

The upcylced products will be available from the end of May on the Dirtbags website and also on Inland Sea’s website once they have cleaned and processed all the neoprene. They currently have designs for a changing mat and a wetsuit surfers pocket for keys and cash, but hope to have a full line to launch come May.

Old wetsuits can be sent to Dirtbags Climbing at: Unit 4 I/J Gatebeck business park,Gatebeck,Kendal LA8 0HS.

Postage costs will be reimbursed to the sender if they email in a photo of the receipt to Dirtbags Climbing.

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