RNLI on the lookout for new beach lifesavers

Recruitment for this season’s team of RNLI beach lifesavers has opened nationally, ready for the summer season. As well as rescuing those in difficulty, the RNLI’s beach lifeguards promote safe behaviour so visitors can return home safely.

In 2020, the charity’s lifeguards responded to more than 10,687 incidents and helped just over 25,000 people, saving 110 lives. Successful applicants will receive world-class lifesaving training, enjoy good rates of pay and develop valuable skills for a future career.

Margot Lawrence, a RNLI Lifeguard in North Pembrokeshire, said: ‘If you’re thinking about becoming a lifeguard – 100% do it! It is the best job ever.

‘I get to work on the beach all summer, I’m outside all summer. I’m with a great team of people that I’ve gotten to know really well these past four years. I’ve been given these invaluable skills, that are just going to help me so much in life.

‘My confidence in the water is extremely good. It’s given me the skills and the resources to manage situations under pressure… I would just say I’ve gained so much from lifeguarding.’

Lee Fisher, Lifeguard Client Services Manager said: ‘The skills our lifeguards gain can be an ideal first step towards many career paths or offer invaluable experience for those studying or training in a similar field.

‘Beach lifeguarding can be a great opportunity and a very rewarding role. You could change lives – including your own – all whilst enjoying the beach as your office. As long as you can meet the fitness requirements, pass the interview and you are over school leaving age, there can be a role for you as a lifesaver.

‘We have lifeguards who have been working for the RNLI for years, both on the beach and as part of our support teams. It really is a great opportunity.’

Find out more about how you can help to improve the safety of a community and apply to be part of the amazing lifesaving team.

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