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Romanian librarian to swim length of Danube

Avram Iancu

Avram Iancu set off yesterday (20 June 2017) to swim 2,800km along the River Danube. The 41-year old librarian from Romania aims to become the first person to complete the swim without fins or a wetsuit. Starting in Donaueschingen, in Germany, Avram will swim through the Black Forest and cross 10 countries and four capital cities before finishing in the Black Sea, in Romania. He aims to complete the swim on 20 August, which will require him to cover about 50km each day.

Avram swam the English Channel in August 2016 and has previously completed a 45km marathon between Gropeni-Brăila and Galați, in Romania. He hopes his swim will draw attention to the unique ecosystem of the Danube Delta. Avram has also undertaken endurance swims for other humanitarian causes - such as raising money to help a sick child and the elderly. He is also a national champion in martial arts.

Long distance adventure swims do not come cheap, and Avram has secured the support of Canah, a Romanian-based hemp food processing company.

You can follow Avram’s journey on Facebook at:

Avram Leaps Into Donauequelle Fountain

Avram leaps into Donauequelle Fountain

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