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Sportswear brands HUUB and Yonda unveil ‘Support British Brands’ campaign

Specialist wetsuit and apparel brands HUUB and Yonda have unveiled a collaboration that asks UK triathletes to ‘Support British Brands’.

The two British owned swimwear brands are rivals and competitors in the UK marketplace, but they have joined forces for the new marketing campaign, which will feature display advertising in print media, online and via social media.

HUUB founder and CEO Dean Jackson explained: “Even as competitors, it’s important to talk. Given the challenges posed by Brexit and the pandemic, we felt it an opportune time to get together with other British brands, and to ask British consumers to ‘Buy British’.

“Other non-British wetsuit brands may be adding surcharges to retailers and consumers across the UK – due to the fallout over Brexit and higher import costs. So, we felt that now was the time to act. We want to remind triathletes across the country that by supporting home-grown British brands they are supporting British business and jobs.

“By buying HUUB or Yonda they are also supporting businesses that are key in backing British athletes, events and the wider supply chain.”

Angus Greenwood, owner at Yonda, added: “Both of our companies are proud to support British athletes and events. This is ingrained in our DNA. We also both like to do things a little differently.

“While our individual brand personalities might be different, we see the benefits of collaboration. In these challenging times, it’s great that two British brands can work together to remind consumers that buying British really does give support to the British industry.

“There is a friendly rivalry between our brands but also mutual respect. So, it’s nice to raise some eyebrows, and to also get people thinking about how they can support British brands when they are considering their next wetsuit or apparel purchase.”

The ‘Support British Brands’ campaign runs from March 2021.

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