Swim all the Lakes in the Great Lake District Swim Challenge

The Lake District is cementing its reputation as the UK adventure capital with the launch of a new swim challenge from Ambleside-based swim company Head to the Hills. The Great Lake District Swim Challenge offers adventurers the chance to swim in all of the English Lakes. The Challenge is split into two parts, east and west Lake District, and takes place on the weekends of 8-9August and 5-6 September 2015.

In each of the challenges participants will have to swim across each of the swimmable lakes in the allotted time before traveling to the next swim by mini-bus.
One of the organisers, Andrea Kelly, said: “The Lake District attracts thousands of swimmers each year to organised events, but this new challenge aims to capture the imagination and adventurous spirit of swimmers. 
“The Great Lake District Swim CFhallenge will allow us to really showcase the beauty – and the beast – of the Lake District with its clear waters and soaring mountains.”
In total the Challenge covers 16km of swimming in 17 lakes. The total distance covered is 214 miles. Now for a real challenge, we would like to see who can complete the whole thing without the help of a mini-bus!
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