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Swimming saves NHS £357m a year, new report shows

New research revealed in a report on the benefits of swimming, has found that the activity saves the NHS and social care system more than £357m a year.

The Value of Swimming report was commissioned by Swim England to build a robust evidence base around the benefits of swimming, both to individuals and society as a whole.

“This report proves what those involved with swimming have known for a long time – that it truly has the power to help people live longer, better, happier lives,” says Jane Nickerson, CEO of Swim England.

The research, which is based on data collected on regular swimmers at more than 1,000 pools across the country, also showed that people who swim regularly reported feeling on average 6.4% healthier than non-swimmers, which is comparable to feeling 12 years younger.

Swim England have now called on the government, health professionals and the swimming sector to continue working together so the nation can realise the full benefits that swimming offers.

They say that in order to achieve this goal, pool facilities will need continued investment and health commissioners need to be confident in commissioning water-based activity so that more people can take advantage of the physical and mental health benefits of swimming.

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