This girl can swim the Henley Mile for free

Event organiser Henley Swim are giving away five free places to women in their Henley Mile event scheduled for 12 July. The prize was inspired by Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign, which featured both pool and open water swimmers.

The organisers hope the prize will tempt women aged 16 plus who have never swum in an open water event before to give the sport a go. The winners will also receive support and advice for their training and preparation so that they are well-prepared when event day rolls around.
Winners will be expected to keep a blog of their experience recording their feelings from when they first commit to the moment they cross the finish line and all the highs and lows in between.
Jeremy Laming, co-founder of The Henley Swim, says “We hope that the stories and achievements of the group of women that we select will inspire others to get active, and perhaps try something they didn’t even know they would enjoy doing.
“Swimming in a natural environment is one of the most exhilarating feelings, and training for a specific end goal helps to keep the motivation going. We want a wider group of people to experience the feeling of self achievement.”
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H2Open’s Open Water Swimming Show will also take place on 12 July alongside the Henley Mile. Entry is free to Henley Mile entrants and their families. Find out more at: