Waves of Swimspiration – The Movie

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Life in lockdown has been made a little more bearable by the creativity and community spirit shared virtually from swimmers this week. Images of bathtub bathers, land exercisers and working-from-home wetsuit wearers have brought us smiles. It has demonstrated what we already know, swimmers are a varied bunch with a common passion that unites us as a community. We have been forced to live in the moment and appreciate today, which is why Outdoor Swimmer would love to share your stories and document how you are surviving without swimming.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we would like you to share a 15 second video of swimspiration that offers a wave of thanks and gratitude to everyone doing their bit in society. It could be a calming quote from your favourite swimming book, a boogie in your budgie smugglers, a splash of humour, singing in your swimsuit, message of thanks, a wetsuit wiggle or goggle giggle. Are you a swimming NHS hero? A super-duper swim key worker? What are you hopeful for? Show us who you are stuck at home with – your kids, pets and pals… We want to hear who is helping who and share your thanks.

Record your video, upload and send it for free on We Transfer to ella@outdoorswimmer.com. In the message tell us who you are and where you are.

All footage needs to be sent by Monday, 6 April. We will pull it altogether and share across the community to keep us going and remember this is just for today, not forever.

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Issue 45 January 2021

  • The Northumbrian adventurer blazing his own watery (and icy!) trail
  • Keri-anne Payne on how to train like an Olympian in 2021
  • History, nature writing and the Troubles
  • Sarah Thomas looks at the icy thrill of ice miles

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