Born to Swim towel

Born To Swim Towel

In our May issue we tested our choice of towels, but this one didn’t arrive at our office in time to make the review. But the motto on the towel sums us up so well that we just had to share it with you.

It is a light microfibre, good quality towel, great for packing away in your rucksack whether swimming outdoors or at the pool. Towel size is 70 x 140cm – big enough to wrap yourself up in!




01 Cover November

Issue 43 November 2020

  • The Ice Man - meeting Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof
  • Cold water swimming - why do it, how, and what are the benefits?
  • Our new monthly columnist, Sarah Thomas
  • Olympian Keri-anne Payne on how to make the most of limited pool sessions
  • Elaine Howley on the first Asian woman to swim the Channel, Arati Sah

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