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Just Swim was founded by Emma Christison and Katarina Weller in June 2013. We swim all year round at Southbourne, Dorset and the 9am Sunday session is ideal for anyone wishing to meet group members and learn more.

Members are local and worldwide and vary from dippers to world renowned endurance and marathon swimmers. The distances we swim vary from one groyne to Channel and ocean crossings – the commonality of the group is a love of swimming in the sea.

So why not join us? If you love sand between your toes and salt on your skin you are in the right place. Skins, wettys or fancy dress – all are welcome! Please bring your enthusiasm and smile and we will see you at Fisherman’s Walk Beach, Southbourne, Dorset soon.

For more information on Just Swim join their Facebook group.

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Issue 4 July 2017

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