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Funkita Mosaic Magic two-piece

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Funkita and Funky Trunks swimming costumes are popular with outdoor swimmers and a common sight at open water races and events. Slightly less common are the two-piece bikini-style costumes, so we were pleased to be able to test these over the summer. 

As with all Funkita products, the first thing you notice is the pattern. Funkita are designed to be worn by swimmers who like to make a statement, and the Mosaic Magic was certainly admired by fellow swimmers poolside. 

We wore the two-piece for squad training, in the open water both skins and under a wetsuit – and also on holiday on the beach! We found the suit hardwearing and the colours didn’t fade. The suit is chlorine resistant and also offers 50+ UV protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

We found that the two-piece was more comfortable under a wetsuit than a traditional one-piece costume. We liked the fit of the bikini top and found the hipster brief flattering without being too skimpy.

The new Break Out range from Funkita & Funky Trunks will be available from mid October.




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