Top Tips,  Training Sessions

6.6km Training Session (2-2.5hrs)

To complete this as written, you should be capable of swimming repeatedly 100m off 90secs. Times and distances should be altered to match your current ability and fitness levels.

You will need Pullbuoy and Paddles

  • 20mins warm up, mixture of strokes, drills and stretches. Approx 1k.


  • Kicking – 12 x 50metres. 15 secs rest between each. Medley order. On the fly, kick 4 kicks underwater with a breaststroke arm pull to come to surface. On the backstroke, arms straight above head. Breaststroke, do two kicks to each arm pull. F/S, thumbs linked, arms straight ahead.
  • 10 x 200metres, pulling with paddles, swim and rest off 3.30. With paddles on, you are looking at sub 2m 45secs on each one.

ROTATING MEDLEYS (Where each Medley consists of 3 strokes only, not 4)

  • 8 rotating medleys with 20 secs rest between each one

i.e. Fly/Back/Breast. Back/Breast/F/S. Breast/F/S/Fly. F/S/Fly/Backstroke

  • 10 x 100metres with ‘Active 50m Rest’ Active rest is where you are taking your rest period whilst swimming.

So after your first fast 100metres, take a sneaky look at the clock to get your split time, before immediately going into 50metres very, very slow F/S to recover. After your recovering 50metres, you should be rested so go straight into that 100m flat out again. Take your slow length as slow as you like because you are aiming to get each 100m time fast and consistent. This is also known as Fartlek training. It’s where you are doing bursts of speed combined with resting. Total distance swum will therefore be 1500metres.

  • 10 x 50m, very fast, swim and rest off 1min


  • 50metres sculling feet first
  • 50metres sculling head first
  • 300m cool down

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