Swimming Events Guide 2024
Top Tips,  Training Sessions

7.5km Training Session (about 2.5 hours)

To complete this as written, you should be capable of swimming repeatedly 100m off 90secs. Times and distances should be altered to match your current ability and fitness levels.

You will need the following swim aids – Paddles, Pullbuoy, Flippers

  • 900metres, drills, stretches, variety of strokes.


  • FLIPPERS ON – 10 x 50 very fast kicking swim and rest off 1min


  • 400m paddles, using the catch-up drill

1min rest

  • 400m pulling with pullbuoy

HARD ENDURANCE SET – (split into 5 sections)
Flippers on to give you a hard set.

  • 10 x 100m swim and rest off 90 secs

Take flippers off

  • 9 x 100, decending times as follows. Swim and rest off 1.45, 1.40, 1.35 and repeat 3 times

– – – – –
Pyramid – (Split 800m)

  • 50m off 50s,
  • 100m off 1.40,
  • 150m off 2.30,
  • 200m off 3.20
  • 150m off 2.30
  • 100m off 1.40
  • 50m off 50s

– – – – –
Pace Set

  • 4 x Negative Split 200’s. Split them at the 100m mark with just 5 secs rest and ensure that the 2nd 100m is faster than the first 100m. As these are hard efforts, take 1min rest between each 200m.

– – – – –

  • 1 km Straight Swim

Do not tumble at each 200 metre mark. Check the pace clock or your watch instead to monitor your splits. Try to make each 200m a consistent pace.

  • 8 x 50 sprints swim and rest off 1min


  • 400metre relax, stretch, swim down

Total distance = 7.5k

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