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The Shock To The System

This session will bite as requests to keep swimming slightly faster are countered by the body tiring. A solid challenge to your fitness


The speed of your next swim depends on the result of a previous swim. Clock use, pacing, counting all while keeping a mind on your swim technique is a challenge but it will help you fly through the session with the time in the water passing by rapidly.

How to get the best from it

You could cheat this by swimming part 1 very slow or with lazy turns/poor swim technique but that is not going to help. If pushed for time use the first few swims as a warmup which will also help keep the pace deliberately slower. The better you become with your pacing you will be able to only just beat your previous challenge making the next swim achievable. A big jump on any swim will just make the next impossible.

Adapting the Session

The session will work well in all pool lengths 25/50 and 33m. A clock on the wall might help but that depends on whether or not you speak ‘swim clock.’ A watch on your wrist helping with splits and distance swum might be of use while you get the hang of the session.

The Fine Details

This session can be made a little easier if starting to tire by adding a pull buoy or fins to help you beat the previous times. Ideally after trying it a few times you would not use any swim aids.

An example of how the session might work

This is not a target just an example!

Swim 15mins on the first 800 and record a 7:25 halfway split. Then your challenge is to break 7:25 for the next 400m (B.) Swim the 400m in 7:20 and record a 3:40 – 200m halfway split. Swim C is 200m and you recorded 3:35 overall having swum the first 100m in 1:45 and so on. Swim D was a 1:44 swim so just inside.


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Never be without a training session with a Session in a Bottle. Four distance options available.

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