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Tune-up time – session 2

Get back to the pool for a refresh, reset and tune-up.

Warm up

8 x 50m as doggy paddle or sculling for 10-15m then picking up FS to the end of length. Take10 sec after each 50m.

Working on pressing water behind you throughout the catch and pull phases, observe whether you have bent elbows during pull.

Main set

  1. 400m PULL, aim to track your hands beneath shoulders with elbow bent. Increase pace every fourth length by increasing stroke rate. 60s rest.
  2. 300m with fins as alternating kick on side drill for 50m (L&R) and FS for 50m. Maintain straight leg kick from hip flexors and glutes and stretch out long core axis off each turn to set up a high leg position behind the body. 60s res3.
  3. 200m FS @ CSS/ threshold pace or optimal stroke rate. Breathe to each side for symmetry development. 30s rest.
  4. 100m with paddles working on completing stroke through to thighs. Use this to assist your rotation on your non-preferred breathing side. 15s


  5. Repeat numbers 1, 2 and 3 in reverse order (i.e. 200m FS @CSS, 300m with fins and finish on 400m PULL).

Cool down

200m FS easy



For further details on this training set, please see our November 2017 issue.


FS = Freestyle   
PULL = Hold a pull buoy (a type of float) between your legs and just use your arms   
Catch = The moment at the front of the stroke when your hand and forearm “catch” the water before pressing back   
CSS = Critical Swim Speed or threshold pace (roughly the pace you can sustain for 1500m)

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