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Christmas gift wish list

If you haven’t yet decided what to put on your Christmas list, check out our selection of perfect open water swimming gifts.


From £74.99
Dryrobe is a weather-proof, outdoor change robe with enough space to pull your arms in through the sleeves to get changed inside it. For many open water swimmers (especially non-wetsuit swimmers) a dryrobe is an absolutely essential piece of kit. You can get a wetsuit, swim or tri kit on or off easily (staying warm and decent in the process) and keep it on once you’re dressed. Dryrobe Advance features a chunky YKK zip, deep soft-lined pockets and a zip-up internal pocket for car keys, MP3 player or a phone. Leave it on over your clothing or wetsuit and re-use multiple times throughout the day without the dryrobe ever feeling wet or cold. Get dry, cover up and stay warm with dryrobe.  Original short sleeve (pictured) and long sleeve available.

Swim Secure innovative ‘Donut’ Bag


Swim Secure, developed by Chillswim, have pioneered open water swimming dry bags and tow-floats in the UK. Their extensive range includes the innovative ‘Donut’ Bag, a high visibility tow-float that allows you to take your valuables with you when you swim. The small dry bag sits in the centre of the float, out of the water, and is perfect for small items such as car keys and phones that you don’t want to leave on the shore while swimming. These floats are also ideal for self-supported swimming with a water bottle and gels fitting into the drybag, which can be accessed on the water. This float also comes with a separate phone dry bag. Free UK postage throughout the month of December.

Johnson QuikDri Tracksuit

Jacket: £115, Trousers: £75, Children’s tracksuits £125

The QuikDri tracksuit is an ideal piece of open water kit – especially for non-wetsuit wearers. It is perfect for drying off, warming up and hanging around on the beach between swims. Both the jacket and trousers are towel lined so you can pull them on as soon as you come out of the water. No need to mess around with a towel first. Thoughtfully the arms and legs have full length zips. The outer part is waterproof and windproof helping you to warm up fast even if you’re outside. There’s also a removable towel-lined hood and deep, waterproof pockets that you could use to take your wet kit home.  Use discount code h2openxmas for 50% off until 31 December.

Selkie 40 Litre Dry Bag


Selkie’s new dry bag continues their mission to provide good-looking, technical kit and apparel to outdoor swimmers. Made of high quality, heavy duty PVC, the waterproof bag is guaranteed to not let you down even in the most extreme conditions. The bag has one 40 litre storage compartment big enough to carry all the kit you might need, and it also looks pretty cool – matt black with orange details and high-visibility reflective spots for safety (particularly useful while cycling). It comes with two removable straps, so you can carry it either slung over your shoulder or as a rucksack, and a heavy duty carry handle.

Amphibia Evo Bag, Dry Towel & Dry Mat


The perfect swim changing combination! This cool holdall from Amphibia is perfectly sized for swimming and comes with a fully waterproof pocket that keeps your wet and dry gear separate. Amphibia’s newest product, the Dry Towel, is a really soft and ultra-absorbent microfibre towel that takes up a fraction of the space of a normal towel – ideal when trekking to those hard to reach swims. Finally, their unique Dry Mat is ideal for standing on when changing – whether outdoors in rough conditions or indoors in wet changing rooms. Its rubber bottom protects the feet and is easy wash and quick dry. Normal total price is £64 but Amphibia currently have a combination deal of over 20% off on their website.

Eskeez long-sleeved thermalk base layer top

Anything that helps us stay warm pre-swim or warm up post-swim gets our vote and this base layer from Eskeez certainly does that and more – we also discovered that you can wear one under a wetsuit for an extra layer of protection while swimming (although you would then need a second to put on afterwards). The high soft collar helps keep water out and also reduced chafing. Design-wise, the base layer is long enough to stay tucked in and keep your lower back protected. It’s easy care and dries quickly too. The Eskeez range starts from baby sizes and goes up to 56” chest. The company also make socks, beanies, leggings and sports shorts. Use discount code IMI 15 for 15% off.

XK swimzi jacket


Lightweight, super warm and comfy, the XK swimzi jacket is an impressive piece of weatherproof open water kit. The jacket has been carefully designed to protect against wind penetration while ensuring essential core body heat is locked in. By maintaining maximum blood flow post warm up/pre race the XK swimzi allows you to perform at your very best. The weatherproof outer nylon shell has an inner lining of super-soft, warm Sherpa fleece. It has plenty of pockets for stowing goggles, hats and cake and poncho-style sleeves for easy changing. The fishtail split rear, as well as making movement easier, also acts as your own pre and post race wearable groundsheet.

SwimBrix sports bag


Ensure your swim kit is operationally ready at all times. The highly durable and robust military inspired KitBrix bag can hold a wetsuit, dryrobe or Swimzi, towel, plus all the required kit needed while training or on race day. Two bags can zip together to form a rucksack to enable you to carry your wetsuit and wet gear in one and your outer robe in the other, keeping your kit dry and separated plus the back of your boot neat, tidy and water free! The fact that the bag ‘stands-up’ also enables outdoor swimmers to get changed and access the bag contents with ease. New accessories include dry bag (DobiPak), wash bag (Washpak) and space saving XXL microfibre towel (MicroDry) .

TriFarm Gift Voucher

From £17
A TriFarm gift voucher gives you open water skills for life not just Christmas. Choose from group open water coaching from TriNSwimWell (weekends from April to August, £17/session), one-to-one open water coaching (bespoke dates and times, £30/hour), introduction to triathlon courses (Sundays in April, May and June 2016, £30/person) and swim passes from £60 for 10 visits. The perfect gift for the open water swimmer who has everything! TriFarm is an open water venue just 20 minutes from M25 Junction 28, near Chelmsford. As well as an 800m marked swim course there is also a 1km running track, 10km bike loop on minor roads and triathlon transition area with bike racks.

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Jonathan is a year-round skins swimmer with a particular love of very cold water. He has competed in ice swimming competitions around the world. He is a qualified open water coach with a particular love of introducing new swimmers to the open water.