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Swimspiration while in isolation: games

It is hard to mimic a good swim, but these were a fun distraction. If you really are going a bit nuts without your swimming these will kill a bit of time, although silly, slightly addictive and very frustrating! I am definitely better in the water.


Swimming Pool Race Stunts 2019

Become champion of the world swimming contest in a real-looking pool. So many of these apps are basic, this is one of them. But I kind of laughed at the strangeness of it.

Water Park Slide: Uphill Rush

This was totally silly. You basically speed race down a water slide with twists, turns and jumps. It is totally unrealistic, despite the sell being a realistic ride! Lots of in-App purchasing…

Flip Diving

This is one of the better games. Lots of fun, addictive and you don’t have to buy stuff, you can earn it. You can even record your diving and send to friends who are also playing it! Felt like a kid again.

Swimming Adventure

I just couldn’t get the hang of this one. I hit the walls, I hit the sharks – sharks in a river? But you might have more luck. Just swim by moving the phone around. Watch out for the person on the sofa next to you!

Dog Swimming Race

Boasts it is the first and most amazing in the App Store. The graphics are plain strange and you can’t get to the next level unless you come first. Maybe one for the dog lovers though?


Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulator

Escape beneath the water for an explore around sunken boats and discover treasure. No sharks to eat you, you can swim for as long as you like. Which you might have to as sometimes no fish appear at all!

Water Marathon Race

Swim against friends or strangers across the world from the safety of your sofa. Aim of the game is to win… popular and one of the better rated games.

Mermaid Race 2019

Fantasy game, your chance to be a mermaid. Wipe-out style water race, these mermaids are not polite. Leap over hurdles, avoid spiked buoys and floating hoops. Surprisingly fun! Lack of instructions but you can work it out.

Beach Rescue Training

Always wanted to be a lifeguard? Now is your chance! You are part of the coastguard squad and you have to monitor beach accidents, boat incidents, shark attack and casualties. It is a bit mad.

Water Jump Diving

Choose a character and then get ready for contest. Jump, dive, get into the water and swim as fast and skilfully as you can to come first. Stunts and tricks, underwater swimming challenge – win a cup!

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