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Watch our entire video wetsuit series – everything you need to know about wetsuits

Do I need a wetsuit for open water swimming? How do I choose the right one? How do I put a wetsuit on? And how do I care for a wetsuit so that it lasts for years? Watch our new Outdoor Swimmer x Zoggs video series where we tackle issues and questions all outdoor swimmers have

As Zoggs launch a brand-new range of wetsuits, we are thrilled to be working with the brand on a five-part wetsuit guide video series which aims to help swimmers decide how to choose a wetsuit, put one on correctly and care for it so it lasts for many years. 

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Do I need a wetsuit for open water swimming?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Outdoor Swimmer is, “Do I need a wetsuit?” Outdoor swimming can be fun, spontaneous and done with very little kit. If you find a swim spot remote enough, you might not need any swimwear! But, for longer, more adventurous swims or events, a wetsuit is an excellent piece of kit. Watch our first part of the series – an introduction to wetsuits.

How do I choose a wetsuit for open water swimming?

A good wetsuit for open water swimming will offer key features like, a level of thickness depending on need, buoyancy, flexibility, good fit, durability and reliable details like zipper and closure. Ask yourself, what kind of swimming do you want to do? What stroke are you swimming? Are you doing long-distance swimming or mostly short, leisure swims? What is your budget? Watch our video for more insights and to help you choose the best wetsuit.

How do I put on an open water wetsuit?

A decent wetsuit is an investment, so you will want to look after it. Often it is when you are putting on and taking off a suit when accidents happen! Things that can help put a wetsuit on – short fingernails, gloves, plastic bags and glide creams. Watch our step-by-step process of putting on the suit.

How to look after your open water wetsuit

In this video, we talk about how to care and maintain your wetsuit. We cover how to wash a wetsuit, then dry and store it carefully. How to repair tears and snags as they happen to prevent further wear and tear. Plus, how to recycle your wetsuit when it reaches the end of its life to save it from landfill.

How to swim in an open water swimming wetsuit

In this video we explain how to swim in a wetsuit. Swimming in a wetsuit isn’t very different from swimming without one, but if you have never worn a wetsuit before, it will take some getting used to. There are common concerns or misconceptions about swimming in a wetsuit – often they are seen as restrictive, uncomfortable or for wimps! Modern wetsuits are not only a brilliant piece of kit they are also for every kind of swimmer and many open water swimmers wear wetsuits for events, long distance swims, to keep warm or to help them swim faster.

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