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FUEL10k Protibrick and Protiflakes

Breakfast company FUEL10k has based its marketing strategy around the premise that to excel at anything – whether it’s swimming, another sport or playing a musical instrument – you need to devote 10,000 hours to the task, and in order to do that you have to provide your body with appropriate fuel. And as much training is done in the morning, breakfast is a good time to take on board the nutrition you need.

FUEL10k entered the breakfast market with a handful of convenient breakfast options including a liquid breakfast and flavoured instant porridge that we’ve reviewed previously.

The new products, Protibrick and Protiflakes, are more similar to traditional breakfast cereals. Protifbrick is most like Weetabix, and in fact tastes very similar. The main differences are that Protibrick has a little more protein (15.7g/100g compared to 12g/100g) and a little less sugar (2.9g compared to 4.4g). Both products are fortified with vitamins and iron, and Protifbrick has a little more salt (0.58g compared to 0.28g).

The Protiflakes taste similar to Special K, but are perhaps a little crunchier.  As with Special K, these are multi-grain flakes including rice, wheat and barley. Nutrition wise, Protiflakes have 65.9g per 100 (sugars 11.7g) of carbohydrate, compared to 79g per 100 (sugars 17g) for Special K. As the name suggest, Protiflakes pack a good dose of protein at 23.8g per 100, compared to just 9g for Special K. Salt is high at 0.88g per 100, but slightly less than the Kellogg’s alternative.

As the body benefits more from protein immediately after exercise than directly before, while both of these cereals could be eaten before your morning swim they might be better reserved for a tasty post-swim breakfast or snack. Alternatively, just replace your regular morning cereal with either of these to add a little more protein to your diet. We enjoyed eating ours with a handful of raisins and a chopped banana.


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