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How to pack smarter for your swims

As opposed to the warm comfort of the swimming pool, swimming outdoors, combined with all the (often unpredictable) elements, requires slightly more preparation. With so many products on the market currently, it’s very easy to find yourself packing more items than you need.

We’ve created a list below of some nifty items that will keep you safe, warm and comfortable, whilst not taking up more room in your bag than needed.

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1. Swap a regular towel for a microfibre one

Microfibre towels are not only typically smaller than traditional towels, they also absorb a lot more moisture.

Check out Swim Secure’s Large Microfibre Towel (£16), which at only 200g absorbs water up to four times as quickly as a regular towel.

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2. Use a towel robe

When the weather’s not too cold, towel robes are a great product to not only keep you dry, but also warm and protected from the elements, without requiring both a separate towel and changing robe.

Selkie’s Hooded Towel (£35) has enough room to get changed underneath whilst staying protected.

3. Carry your items with you in a dry bag

If you really want to pack light, a decent dry bag means that you can take items with you on your swim. It also means that you don’t need to leave your valuables on the water side.

Curvey Bather’s RAS Floating Waterproof Dry Bag 15L (£30) is made from ripstop tarpaulin designed for long usage. Its roll-top closure provides a watertight seal, keeping gear dry in any situation when floating on water.

4. Wear sliders

Rather than dealing with the faff of shoes, and having to walk to and from swim spots barefoot, sliders are a great way to easily slip on your feet before and after your swims, keeping feet warm and clean.

Selkie Sliders (£24) feature an ergonomically shaped footbed with straps are made from man-made leather vegan strap.