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Zoggs Predator Flex Goggles: Find your perfect fit

​SPONSORED: We put the Zoggs Predator Flex goggles to the ultimate test: a team of Outdoor Swimmer readers

When it comes to choosing a pair of goggles, our advice is always to buy a pair that fits your face. But how do you know if a pair of goggles will fit before you buy them? We asked a team of Outdoor Swimmer readers to try out the new Zoggs Goggle Fitting app and then test the Predator goggles the app recommended for them. Our team of outdoor swimmers tested Predator Flex goggles with polarised lenses – perfect for swimming outdoors in a range of weather conditions.

Despite concerns that the fitting app might be “gimmicky”, our testers found it useful and accurate. “The app was very good, identified the best fit and helped to select the best goggle for the purpose of outdoor rather than indoor, with a good range of lenses and colour options,” said tester Fleur Moody. “A great innovation – should be award winning!” said Howard Beames.

Once their goggles arrived, our swimmers put them to the test both outdoors and indoors. Open water lifeguard and trainer David Ebbs found them “fantastically comfortable – you are not aware that there are on your eyes. They remained comfortable long after other goggles would have to be removed.”

Which size is best for you?

Zoggs App

As no two faces are the same, Zoggs have introduced two different fits into the Predator Range: Regular Profile Fit and a new Smaller Profile Fit. Coupled with the new Advanced Ultra fit Gasket, the Predator range now fits more faces than ever before.

Using 3D facial scanning technology, the Zoggs Goggle Fitting tool will recommend which Predator goggle size will best fit your face – quickly & easily. Scan to try to app to choose your size & colour.

Here's what the rest of our crack team of testers thought of the Predators

Gareth Allen – Head Coach

“Before I chose these goggles, I went onto the Zoggs fitting app, and found it very easy to use. It was fun, but I will confess I dismissed it as a bit gimmicky. More fool me, because these are the best fitting pair of goggles I’ve ever had.

In the past I have had problems with goggles leaking, and digging in painfully around my eyes and on the bridge of the nose. These were really comfortable, even after more than an hour of swimming around my local lake. I was also struck by the wide range of vision when sighting. Some goggles give you that “tunnel vision” sensation, but I had a clear view around me, and found sighting the buoys very easy.

I also wore the goggles at a club pool session, and they survived my splashy dive starts and clumsy tumble turns with not even a slight adjustment required. They formed a perfect seal but without the discomfort of feeling too tight.

I would really recommend these goggles, but different faces are differently shaped, so recommend you use the app before making your choice.”

Jane Hitchman

“I am mostly an outdoor swimmer, so my testing of the Predator Flex Polarized Ultra (S) took place outdoors in fresh water. It was a mixed day with some cloud, rain and sunshine, so ideal for testing the polarised aspect of the lenses. I found these helped minimise the glare when the sun came out and also helped brighten the outlook when it was cloudy. Sighting in the goggle was not a problem, the polarized aspect of the lenses helped minimise glare and brighten the dull moments.

Overall it is a great goggle. I have recommended them to friends who find the larger socket too big for their face, and I also recommend them to new open water swimmers as they are a great all round goggle for pool and open water.”

Bridget Colgan

“Previously I have found it hard to find goggles that fit. These goggles fit comfortably and didn’t dig in. By the end of the swim (about 45 minutes) I was still comfortable and almost unaware of them on my face which was great.

I was surprised how easy it was to use the app and also surprised when it recommended a small size. This turned out to be the perfect fit. Without the app I would have chosen a regular which would have been too big.

The lenses were great quality and I found that visibility was much better both above and underwater than with my usual goggles. Sighting was easy as the fact that the lenses are larger than I am used to really helped as I didn’t need to lift my head as high as usual.

I really enjoyed using these goggles and I would definitely recommend them to friends.”

Jen Moore

“I love these goggles. Despite trying lots of different brands, I’ve never found goggles for open water swimming that are comfortable and well fitting. Until now! These are a good size and sit comfortably, they’re lightweight and don’t leave goggle marks for hours after wear. The polarised lenses are amazing, allow a wide field of vision and are so clear both in and out of the water – though I’m not sure I like seeing how many fish I usually swim with! I would 100% recommend these goggles. I think I might be a Zoggs convert!”

About the predator range


Predator Flex: The ultimate in flexibility, with 3D FlexTM technology & V-Groove for enhanced contouring to your face.

Predator: The ultra-durable Wiro Frame streamlines to your face, whilst the unique Bio-TechTM fuses structure and flexibility together to maintain shape.


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