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How to choose supportive swimwear

The Outdoor Swimmer team put ZOGGS new supportive swimwear to the test PLUS get 20% off with code ‘SUPPORT20’

One of the best things about swimming is that once you have learnt to swim, you can do so at any age and any level of ability. The water doesn’t care what shape your body is or how fast you can or can’t swim. 

Swimmers achieve amazing things in the water at all shapes and sizes which is why it is essential that you find swimwear that is comfortable and supportive for you! “It will do” is often muttered under frustrated breaths wriggling into swimsuits, but we shouldn’t settle with our swimwear. 

We should feel great in a swimsuit in and out of the water. You should consider fit and comfort as much as you would a decent sports bra or pair of trainers for running. Swimwear should be snug so it doesn’t drag in the water, but it shouldn’t pitch or chafe either. 

Designing swimming suits for all sorts of bodies is a challenge but there are plenty of options and with Zoggs swimwear support levels it is even easier to find something that will suit your body and the kind of swimming you like to do. As well as sustainable materials and beautiful prints, Zoggs swimwear has been designed with four levels of support.  

Choosing swimwear can be daunting so these levels offer a practical guide to choosing the right suit for you. Look out for the support level icons when choosing your suit online or in-stores.

Zoggs swimwear support levels

Level 1

Neutral support fabrics, typically found in sporty training style swimwear.

Features: Full front-lined fabric for neutral support and avoids transparency.

Level 2

Light support with adjustable features to really help fit to your shape.

Features: Shelf bra for flattering and supportive bust support and offers adjustable straps for customising the swimsuit to your body.

Level 3

Subtle contour features will give you that added confidence and comfort in and out of the water.

Features: Full foam cups for maximum shape and comfort. Adjustable straps also feature.

Level 4

Most supportive suits for shaping your body and offering core support in designs that are stylish and comfortable.

Features: Full foam cups for maximum shape and comfort and tummy support for smoothing and shaping. Multiway straps, which can be worn straight or crossed and adjusted to your body, also feature.

What’s the right supportive swimwear for you?

Here at Outdoor Swimmer we have four different body shapes within the team that fit into the support levels offered by Zoggs. We have put the suits to the test to see how they support each of our bodies, to help you decide which style of swimsuit might offer the most supportive fit. If you see something you like, you can get 20% off by using the code ‘SUPPORT20’ at checkout.

Support Level 1: Zoggs Aqua Digital Sprintback

“I’ve worn this swimsuit for each one of my pool training sessions for the past month and it’s been a godsend. The front-lining neutral support is ideal for my 34C bust – it keeps me in place and supported without feeling tight or restrictive. I like the sprintback design and high leg cut – it makes me feel streamlined in the water. I’ve had lots of compliments about the aqua pattern and colour – so it’s pretty as well as functional! Despite multiple wears in a chlorinated pool and lake, the Ecolast™+ fabric looks pristine as the first day I wore it, and the suit has retained its shape and support. Plus, it dries super quick, so is super handy if you’re in and out of the water throughout the week.”

Abi Whyte, Digital Editor

Support Level 2: Neon Crystal Hi Front Cross Back

“In a matter of weeks, this has become my go-to swimsuit for pool training. The combination of the high front and cross-over back with wide straps, together with an internal shelf bra (suitable for A-E cup), offers superb support and comfort. Although I’m a 36A and features like foam cups or adjustable straps feel like overkill, I would always choose subtle supportive features over completely neutral swimwear. The cross-back and medium leg height offered fantastic freedom of movement when swimming front crawl in the pool, while still providing reassuring bust support. I love the vibrant all-over print and having worn swimwear from the same range, I’m confident the highly chlorine resistant Ecolast™ fabric (made with recycled plastic bottles) will cope well with regular pool sessions. Finding the right swimsuit to suit your body can be overwhelming (did you know that Zoggs has over 16 back styles!) which is why I also liked how their website lets you search by support level.”

Jo Tinsley, Gear Editor

Support Level 3: Stellar Square Back One Piece Swimsuit

“I have the unique challenge of having a small bust, but wide back and bigger tummy! Swimsuits can often be too short in the body or too big in the bust when seeking something suitable. I immediately loved the shape and design of this suit. The flattering plunge at the front isn’t something I am used to, and I worried about falling out of it, but the brilliant design and foam cups ensured I was safely supported without feeling squashed! I love the open square back, which gave me lovely movement while swimming all strokes. The medium leg height gave suitable coverage at my widest point and didn’t pinch or chafe! The suit even passed the ‘push off the wall at the pool test’ without riding down or filling with water. I was able to jump waves in the North Sea as well as get my head down and swim with comfort.”

Ella Foote, Editor

Support Level 4: Marble Multiway One Piece

“This swimsuit is great for me because it gives me solid support as I have quite weighty boobs (36DD). It feels flattering as the bust support also gives me more of a waist – but without pinching so tight I have wrinkles on my back. The built-in support is soft and stretchy but strong. Ultimately, if I know everything is in the right place it means I can feel more confident, and more desire to take on my swim. In the past I have compromised on style, pattern or comfort to get the support that is so important to me. Just as a good bra can make you feel better in your clothes, a good swim costume makes me feel better about swimming.”

Yvonne Turner, Commercial Director

Shop supportive swimwear at Zoggs. Plus, Outdoor Swimmer readers get 20% off by using the code ‘SUPPORT20’ at checkout. This is a sponsored post.

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