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Swim Secure Wild Swim Bag

We’ve been a fan of tow floats and bags ever since Chillswim introduced them to the UK market a few years ago. The floats provide security and visibility while the bags give you the option to take your clothes with you while you swim, increasing options for point to point swims (or eliminating the prospect of someone stealing any kit you leave on the shore).

However, existing tow-bags have a slight drawback: they are not particularly practical things to carry when you’re not in the water. This isn’t a problem if you arrive at your swim spot in a car or only have a short walk, but can be a bit of nuisance if you want to go further afield, which, as an adventurous swimmer, you probably do.

Now, Swim Secure have a specially designed bag for that too: the Wild Swim Bag, which combines the features of their bright orange tow-bags with attachments and straps to turn it into a rucksack.

With a 30L capacity the bag is generously sized and there is plenty of space for your shoes, clothes and a towel, making it perfect for swim-walk or swim-run outings. When you reach your swimming spot, change, unclip the shoulder straps and put them in the bag with your clothes, inflate, attach the waist band and swim. When you finish, unclip the waist strap, re-attach the shoulder straps, deflate and stroll on to your next swim.

As with many multipurpose products, there are compromises. As a rucksack, it is not the most comfortable and lacks internal compartments and external pockets – but if it had them, you wouldn’t be able to use it as a tow float. You may therefore want to pack an extra plastic bag to keep your shoes separate from everything else, for example. On the other hand, it is waterproof and highly visible! It’s definitely worth considering buying one if you enjoy wild swim adventures.


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