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Zone 3 Onesie

We love this onesie from Zone3. A nice alternative to waterproof robes already on the market, the Zone3 Onesie is also fully fleece-lined to keep you warm after your swim. 

The outer shell is water and wind proof, and the sturdy, ribbed cuffs keep warmth in and wind out. The hood is also fleece lined and has a drawstring to make it even more cozy. Although not as easy to throw on as a robe, the onesie was easy to get into and needn’t be taken off until you get home. Or of course, you could just wear it around the house to keep you warm at home!


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Jonathan is a year-round skins swimmer with a particular love of very cold water. He has competed in ice swimming competitions around the world. He is a qualified open water coach with a particular love of introducing new swimmers to the open water.