Against All Odds – August issue of Outdoor Swimmer out now!

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The August issue of Outdoor Swimmer magazine could be subtitled Against the Odds. Flushed with the success of the Outdoor Swimmer Henley Swim Festival, we almost forgot we had a magazine to produce this month as well!

Whether you are a wild dipper, marathon swimmer or just love escaping into the great outdoors, grab a copy of our August issue for some summer swimspiration. Subscribe now and save 21% on the cover price.

34 35 Lido Revival

In this issue we look at the revival of lidos and outdoor pools that continues to gain momentum despite political and financial challenges.

48 49 Training Aug

We give you a race day rescue plan that will get you to the finish line no matter how little training you have done.

38 41 Elaine

Elaine Howley asks how far would you be willing to chase an impossible dream.

50 51 Psychology August

And sports psychology consultant Helen Davis shows how to overcome self-doubt and succeed at your swim challenges.

86 89 Eco Personal Care

And as always, we bring you inspiring stories, swim tips, gear reviews, stunning swim photography and the most comprehensive UK and international event listings to help you plan your summer swims. Plus, a brand new travel section, Eco Hero, environmentally friendly personal care products and we put your questions to Sh2out. Get your copy now!

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Issue 29 August 2019

  • Love Your Lido! The great lido revival
  • No Training? No Problem! Race day rescue plans
  • Back to Nature! Swimrun adventure
  • How to Sight in Open Water
  • On Test: Eco Friendly Personal Care Products
  • Swimming the Severn! 220 mile epic swim

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