T30 renamed and extended to open water swimmers and non-members

Swim England’s annual T30 challenge has been renamed as The Just Swim Challenge 30. In addition, the challenge can now be undertaken in open water and anyone over the age of 18 and living in Great Britain can take part (previously, only Swim England members could join in).

The concept of the challenge is simple: how far can you swim in 30 minutes? For many people, this is a personal challenge that they repeat every year as a gauge of their fitness. However, it’s also a national competition with medals for those who top their age group.

In the past, Swim England only recognised swims completed in the pool but from this year, you can take part in open water subject to a few conditions. The swim must be completed in a safe open water venue in still conditions – i.e. you can’t count a swim down a fast flowing river! In addition, you must have a swim buddy with you and provide evidence of the distance completed (e.g. from a GPS track). Wetsuits are optional.

As well as the individual event, there is also a team competition for four swimmers as either all women, all men or mixed (two men and two women). Each person will need to enter their individual result, so you don’t have to do it all on the same day and time. One person will then need to enter the four of you as a team.

Individual results will be collated for both males and females in five-year age bands from 18 years upwards, while team results will be collated into male, female and mixed. Teams’ ages will be added together and placed into an age group band.

The results will not be separated out into open water and pool swimming; therefore, you can enter in both if you would like to.

Swim England says: “This competition is based on trust. Challenge yourself to swim your own best and have fun along the way, measuring yourself against others. Be honest and enter the true distance that you have achieved. Swim England will endeavour to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the results, but cannot be held responsible if people fail to enter appropriately. Any issues not covered above will be decided by the independent event director.”

Entries are already open for 2019 and the event runs until 8 December.


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