Anna Wardley announces new swim challenge

Anna Wardley, who in 2013 circumnavigated the Isle of Wight in a swim that lasted more than 26 hours, has just announced a new swim challenge.

The 39-year old plans a three-stage swim linking the Balearic Islands to mainland Spain, to be completed before the end of the year.

  • Stage 1: Menorca to Mallorca: 37km Timeframe: September/October 2015
  • Stage 2: Mallorca to Ibiza: 88km Timeframe: October/November 2015
  • Stage 3: Ibiza to mainland Spain (Denia/Javea): 90km Timeframe: November/December 2015

Asked why she had scheduled the swims to take place in autumn and winter with colder water and less predictable weather, she suggested cooler water has certain advantages.
“The water is too hot in the summer – I really struggle swimming long distances in over 20 degrees. But the main factor is the jellyfish. They disappear when the water temperature drops. I prefer cold water and no jellies, to warm water with jellies.”
This is believed to be the first time the three swims have been linked together. According to the Menorca Channel Swimming Association, only nine swimmers have completed the first crossing, with jellyfish and strong currents being the main challenges. There is no record of anyone swimming from Mallorca to Ibiza and one recorded (wetsuit) swim from Ibiza to Spain.
Through her previous swims Anna has raised more than £65,000 for charity and she will continue to swim for good causes.
“I will be raising funds and awareness for marine-related charities here in the Balearic Islands. I have been meeting with various organisations over the last weeks and seeing their work first-hand, and we will be making an announcement on this front over the coming weeks.”

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