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Campaign begins for new West London Lido

A group of volunteers in the West London area are coming together to put the idea of a brand new, sustainable, olympic-sized lido to local authorities, and they need your help.

The small, determined group have a big idea: to bring the first purpose-built lido to the area, which would also be the first one built in inner London for 80 years. It would be an accessible, affordable blue space for people of all ages and backgrounds to benefit.

Eddie, a spokesperson for the group, highlighted that there are currently no outdoor swimming facilities in West London. The only way for local residents to get to a lido is to get on the tube, which isn’t feasible for everyone.

“The first stage is gathering community support for the idea, and having non-aggressive, enabling and humble conversations with the powers that be.” Eddie says. Following that, the next challenge is to find a suitable location and then fundraise. “We have time. The case gets stronger every year, and we’re not going anywhere.” He added.

With the growing body of research around blue health and the impact of being in or near water on people’s wellbeing, it’s certainly true that the case can only get stronger.

Eddie commented: “Post-covid, we have a chance to rethink our public spaces. What are we providing for young and old people? What kind of opportunities are out there for people to live healthier and happier lives?”

As well as other London lidos like Brockwell Park, Gospel Oak or London Fields, Eddie and the team were particularly inspired by Jubilee Pool in Penzance – a large seawater lido featuring a geothermally heated pool which is run for and by the community.

At this early stage the more evidence of interest the better, so if you’re on board with the idea and you’d like to support it, head to the West London Lido website where you can get in touch and leave feedback.

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