Ice Sevens swimmer Kate Steels wins WOWSA Award for Woman of the Year

We’re thrilled to see Kate Steels win the WOWSA Award for Woman of the Year.

Kate’s story is a truly incredible one and we couldn’t think of a better recipient of the award. Inducted into the Ice Swimming hall of fame in 2020, Kate is Britain’s first and only the world’s third ever Ice Sevens swimmer, finishing her final qualifying swim on 21st November 2021 in Lake Esmerlda in Argentina.

As you may have seen, we featured Kate in last month’s issue of the magazine and interviewed her following her completion of the ground breaking feat. We loved her determination and openness about the challenges she has faced, including the emotional trauma and heartache of losing her only child, Daniel, and recovering from surgery to treat a brain aneurysm that threatened her swimming career.

“I’m truly honoured to receive this award, and it’s taking time to sink in.” Kate commented. “Thank you everyone who has voted for me. I have been through some extremely difficult times, but the friendships and support of the whole swimming community together with my family has been amazing.”

See Kate’s nomination on WOWSA and watch the award ceremony.

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