Kickstarter campaign for GPS device that talks to you while you swim

Do you know what pace you’re holding while swimming in open water? If you know the distance and have a watch you can calculate it afterwards, but how would you like to know as you are actually swimming? A GPS enabled watch might be able to help you but you have to break your stroke to look at it. Besides, if it’s on your wrist, the constant backwards and forwards motion, as well as being often underwater mean the results are not always completely reliable. Instead, you could put the watch under your swimming cap to improve the data capture, but then you wouldn’t be able to see it until after you finish swimming.

Platysens, a Hong Kong-based start-up, has come up with a solution: the Marlin, a swim meter that talks to you as you swim. The device clips onto your goggle strap at the back of your head and uses bone conduction technology to provide audio feedback while you swim. It’s best explained in the video below.

The team at Platysens have built a working prototype (which we hope to test soon) and are now looking to raise $22,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to fund production. Early stage backers will have an opportunity to purchase the Marlin at a discount to the full retail price. Note that the device comes in two versions: the Marlin, which is GPS enabled for outdoor swimming, and the Marlin-P, which is designed for pool use only (lap counting etc).

The product can be shipped globally.

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