New short film tells story of how sea swimming helped with cancer diagnosis

An inspiring new short film has been released which tells the story of how one woman used outdoor swimming as a coping mechanism when faced with cancer.

The film, produced by Scottish director and photographer Brett Currie, shines a spotlight on the incredible story of Norma MacLeod and how she uses outdoor swimming and the healing power of the ocean to overcome the immense challenges of a life-changing diagnosis.

Norma left her job as a cardiac nurse in pursuit of her dream of becoming an outdoor swimming instructor in her stunning homeland of the Outer Hebrides. She now runs Immerse Hebrides where she guides swimming adventures around the beautiful Hebridean coast. The film follows her story from deciding to pursue her passion, to the shock of the diagnosis and her subsequent determination to overcome the challenge and the solace she found in the sea. Thankfully, she is now in full remission.

“The cold on your skin, I feel it’s an unnatural environment for me, for anybody,” Norma says. “So when you enter the water, it blasts away any stagnant feeling and you just feel as if you’re on an adventure.”


Image: Brett Currie

Director Brett was drawn to Norma’s courageous story after deciding he’d like to focus on the world of outdoor swimming for an upcoming film. “I was really inspired by Norma and everything she has managed to achieve.” says Brett. “I knew that the documentary I wanted to create was bigger than just outdoor swimming, it was her journey and how everything links together and intertwines.”

He commented: “I hope it resonates with people and gives inspiration to people who are in similar unfortunate circumstances. Hopefully it will even give people inspiration to try something new and get out there and challenge themselves.”

You can check out the new documentary below:

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