Swimming Events Guide 2024

Outdoor and indoor swimming venue reopening dates across the UK

The UK government and the devolved governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have announced provisional dates for the reopening of indoor and outdoor swimming venues and outdoor events. Here’s what we know so far:

England – indoor pools to reopen from 12 April

29 MARCH: Outdoor swimming pools and lidos, as well as open water venues were allowed to re-open. Outdoor gatherings of either six people or two households have also been allowed 29 March, meaning swimmers in England can meet up in groups outdoors to swim.

12 APRIL: Indoor swimming pools to reopen. Outdoor gatherings will still be limited to six people or two households.

17 MAY*: People can meet in groups of up to 30. Large swimming events can take place, with limits on participants.

21 JUNE*: All legal limits on social distancing to be removed. No legal limits on the number of participants for large events.

*Provisional dates subject to change.

Wales – no dates set for outdoor swimming

All swimming – including wild swimming – is technically not currently allowed in Wales. The Welsh government has also not set out a date for outdoor swimming to resume.

12 APRIL: The ban on travelling in and out of Wales to end.

3 MAY*: Organised outdoor activities (up to 30 people) to be allowed. This could see outdoor swimming venues reopen, however this has not yet been confirmed.

10 MAY*: Indoor pools to reopen. Individual and one-to-one training to be allowed, but no group classes.

17 MAY*: Organised indoor activities for adults, limited to a maximum of 15 to resume.

No timeframe has been set for outdoor sporting events to resume.

*Provisional dates subject to change.

Scotland – indoor pools to reopen from 26 April

On 15 March, outdoor non-contact sports could resume in groups of up to 15 people, meaning that some open water swimming venues were able to reopen. Four people from up to two households can currently meet outdoors.

26 APRIl: Swimming pools to reopen. Up to six people from up to three households can also socialise outdoors.

17 MAY*: Small outdoor events can take place, with restrictions.

JUNE*: In early June it is hoped that up to eight people from three households can socialise outdoors.

*Subject to change.

Northern Ireland – no date set for indoor pools to reopen

In Northern Ireland you can currently meet outdoors for exercise in groups of up to 10 from two households. Open water swimming is permitted, however you can only travel up to 10 miles from your home to exercise.

12 APRIL: Swimmers will be allowed to train with affiliated sports club in groups of up to 15 people outdoors.

15 APRIL: Lockdown restrictions to be reviewed. It is hoped a date will be set for the reopening of indoor pools.

Republic of Ireland – no date set for indoor pools to reopen

In the Republic of Ireland there is currently a 5km travel limit from your home unless for essentials circumstances. Open water swimming is permitted as a form of daily exercise, but is not classed as essential.

12 APRIL: 5km travel ban to be relaxed to county-wide travel or 20km from your home. This will give the majority of the ROI access to open water swimming.

26 APRIL: Outdoor swimming pools to reopen for club training.

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