Outdoor swimming success at Kendal Mountain Festival

Kmf Sun Scott 69

The outdoor swimming community could again meet in person at the annual Kendal Mountain Festival in the Lake District. This year’s outdoor swimming session included interviews with Queen of the Channel Chloë McCardel, ice queen Cath Pendleton, adaptive swimmer Sophie Etheridge, community swimmer Winnie Poaty and Maltese marathon swimmer Neil Aguis.

If you missed out on the weekend in the Lake District, catch up on Kendal Mountain Festival and the Outdoor Swimming Session online with the Kendal Mountain Player. Films, sessions and talks are all available to watch online: https://kendalmountainplayer.c...

01 Cover December21

Issue 56 December 2021

  • Queen of the Channel - Chloë McCardel's record-breaking 44 Channel crossings
  • Just One Mile – Tackling an ice mile
  • On Test – Neoprene accessories
  • Wonderful Winter Swimming – Stay safe in the cold this season
  • Christmas Gift Wish List
  • Swim Like a Dolphin – Energy direction in the water

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