Amber Fillary 2024 Record Achievement

Amber Fillary smashes three World Records in Norway

South African free diver Amber Fillary has broken the world record for the longest distance under ice on a single breath

Ice diver Amber Fillary has made history once again, setting not one, but three new Guinness World Records this weekend in Konsberg, Norway.

On Saturday 2 March, the South African free diver shattered her previous record by swimming 100 meters under the ice on a single breath, wearing only a swimsuit. Not content with that achievement, she pushed herself even further, breaking her own record the following day by swimming 105 meters under the ice on a single breath, still wearing only a swimsuit.

But Amber didn’t stop there – demonstrating unparalleled determination and skill, she then went on to set yet another record by swimming an incredible 110 meters under the ice on a single breath, this time using a monofin.

These achievements come one year after her thwarted attempt due to a knee infection that caused her to blackout under the ice. Her success this time swimming the longest distance under ice on a single breath has secured her place in the annals of sports history.

After her achievements Amber expressed her elation: “I am beyond ecstatic to have broken not one, but three Guinness World Records in the span of just two days. This journey has been nothing short of incredible, and I am immensely grateful for the support of my sponsor, Carrick Wealth, whose unwavering belief in me has been instrumental in this success.”

Drawing from her own struggles with mental health, Amber hopes that through her incredible feats she is raising awareness and inspire others to overcome their own challenges. “I dedicate these records to everyone who is battling with mental health issues,” she said. “I want to show that no matter how difficult things may seem, with determination and support, anything is possible. Together, we can break through barriers and achieve the extraordinary.”

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