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The Wild Swimming Brothers’ feats include swimming the length of the river Eden, a 145km exploration of the river that runs past their childhood home from source to sea, and swimming across the world’s largest whirlpools. The swimming adventures of Robbie, Calum and Jack started as a reaction against the urban 9 to 5 grind, a way of reconnecting with the natural world. Now little brother Jack has written a book recounting their childhood spent swimming in the Lake District and their more recent wild swimming adventures.

“After a year of keeping it under wraps, we're delighted to be able to share our book with you,” says Jack. “It's called Swim Wild, published by Hodder imprint Yellow Kite, and it was written by Little Brother Jack (me), with contributions and illustrations from Middle Brother Calum and Big Brother Robbie.”


The Wild Swimming Brothers on their River Eden adventure

The brothers hope that Swim Wild will encourage readers to go on their own adventures, to get back in touch with the natural world and to live more creatively through outdoor swimming.

Jack talks about the watery inspiration of Swim Wild and the lessons learnt in the aquatic world that have inspired him in the April issue of Outdoor Swimmer.

Swim Wild is published on 19 April and is available to preorder on Amazon now.

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Issue 21 December 2018

  • Ross Edgley's Great British Swim
  • Tonic of the Sea - the joys of wild swimming
  • 9 tips to cope with injury
  • Christmas gift guide
  • December Dipathon - cold water challenge!

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