SwimQuest launches skills hub sessions

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Swimming holiday company SwimQuest has started a skills hub providing skills workshops, remote coaching and bespoke training plans. The hub is run in conjunction with their guest coaches, who include Olympic and Commonwealth swimmers. 

Sessions in February include 'The Swimming Mind' on 22 February with performance psychologist Hannah Cooper and 'Channel General' Freda Streeter MBE and 'Tools for the Pool' with Olympian and Commonwealth gold medallist James Goddard on 24 February.

The Tools for the Pool session is aimed at swimmers who train on their own in the pool. James Goddard will explain how to create your own effective pool sets to get the most out of your training. Participants will learn how to write their own set, time themselves effectively and build in drills and new skills into their pool time routine. The session at Hampton Open Air Pool will include a a land based talk, pool session and a winter BBQ.

Visit for more details and to book.

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