Take the plunge with WaterAid and transform lives

WaterAid’s flagship swimming event, Swim Marathon, is back with a splash for its third year, offering the chance to cool off, improve health and wellbeing, all whilst raising vital funds to help transform lives around the world.

“The chance to swim in so many beautiful venues in the UK is a reminder of how lucky we are to enjoy water, both through leisure and our access to safe drinking water,” says Jennie York, WaterAid’s Director of Communications and Fundraising. “Yet there are still 771 million people around the world – that is one in ten – who do not have clean water close to home, forcing millions to spend hours each day collecting water and risk their health by drinking dirty water. By taking part in Swim Marathon, people can help give the gift of water to communities around the world.”

The event challenges swimmers to tackle a full, or half marathon distance over 12 weeks from 1 August, in their local pool, or a safe open water space. Whether you are already a swimming fanatic or looking to dip your toe in for the first time, Swim Marathon offers the versatility of distance, location and time, making it a great event for those new to, or well-practiced in the sport. First launching in 2020, Swim Marathon has already seen over 550 swimmers take part in the challenge, with many citing the physical and mental health benefits.

“I can honestly say, being in the cold water and the spirit of the river has helped in my healing process so much,” says Hayley Treise who used open water swimming to help her grieving process after her father passed away. “I absolutely love this charity, clean water is needed in this world and water is a blessing so win-win.”

WaterAid provides a comprehensive 12-week plan, so whether you’re an open water novice or already a seasoned swimmer, the supportive plan will help build stamina, speed and confidence to reach that Swim Marathon goal.

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Ella is renowned outdoor swimmer and journalist. As well as leading the editorial, digital and experiential outputs for Outdoor Swimmer she is also Director of Dip Advisor, a swim guiding business helping people enjoy wild water. Ella also teaches swimming to children and adults, is an Open Water Coach and RLSS Open Water Lifeguard.