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Published over 25 years ago, Haunts of the Black Masseur: The Swimmer as Hero by Charles Sprawson has just been reprinted and relaunched by Vintage. The book has become somewhat iconic, a first in what has grown into a huge range of swimming books in recent years. It received sensational reviews when first published.

“People hadn’t read a biography of an idea like this before – a biography of an obsession,” says Nicholas Pearson, his original book editor. “It seemed to us such a peculiar book. Publishers like to put things in places and boxes and it wasn’t clear what this thing was.”

Author and journalist Alex Preston says: “It is like a memoir smuggled into something else. You see glimpses of Charles, but only glimpses. Someone once said of Proust, ‘that all great books establish their own genre.’ I feel like this was the first in what is now a huge range of swim-moirs.”

The book also contains a whole section dedicated to the swallow dive. To win one of five copies of Haunts of the Black Masseur share photos or a short clip of your swallow dives on Instagram tagging @outdoorswimmer and #sprawsonswallowdive -- we will pick our five favourite.

Competition closes 31 July 2018

Cover June19

Issue 27 June 2019

  • How to swim in a straight line - very useful!
  • Swimming with a Bronze Age boat
  • How to overcome race day worries
  • Eco Heroes - Two minute beach clean
  • Love your local lido!
  • Comprehensive UK and international swim listings

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