Orca open water SW wetsuit

C0 A6855

The new Orca SW is packed with features that we haven’t seen in wetsuits before and which are designed to keep swimmers safe – a really exciting development, using technology to help protect us in the open water. Incorporated into the design are safety features such as a built-in chip on to which you can load medical and identity details and which features Emerid, a universal identification system using NFC/contactless technology.

The suit also features a connector so you can attach a Restube safety device directly to the suit with out a belt – minimising chafing to the neoprene.

The neon orange arm and leg cuffs are high visibility so other water users can see you and designed to make it easy to locate you in the water at all times. I also felt a bit like a Power Ranger – which is a great thing as it complements how confident I felt in the wetsuit.

There is good shoulder flexibility and it didn’t affect my stroke at all, nor fatigue my shoulders, and it didn’t feel too tight around my neck and chest.

The neoprenene (which is made from limestone rather than oil, one of Orca’s many sustainability developments) is well balanced, giving good buoyancy in the water, but my legs weren’t so high that I couldn’t do breaststroke for some of the time of my swim.

All in all the suit is comfortable, well made, and well thought out for both competitive and wild swimming with innovative additions for safety and making good steps towards sustainability.





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Issue 45 January 2021

  • The Northumbrian adventurer blazing his own watery (and icy!) trail
  • Keri-anne Payne on how to train like an Olympian in 2021
  • History, nature writing and the Troubles
  • Sarah Thomas looks at the icy thrill of ice miles

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