Mermaids, witches and sirens. Cold water swimming and ageing. Swim faster by swimming slowly, faster

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The February issue of Outdoor Swimmer magazine will land with subscribers this week. It's packed full of advice, swim stories and inspiration for your outdoor swimming adventures. Save yourself a trip to the shops and order your copy directly from us.

30 35 Coldwater Ageing

Katie Maggs photographs and interviews six older cold water swimmers in a moving photo essay that explores the effect that year-round swimming has on the physical and mental health of older swimmers. Beautiful photos and inspiring words from the swimmers.

56 57 Need For Speed

Coach James Ewart explains the simple maths behind swimming faster. It's just swimming slowly, faster. Easy!

46 49 Swimterview

We continue our series of literary 'swimterviews' where Ella Foote swims and chats with writers. This month she talks to Charlotte Runcie about her book Salt on Your Tongue, an eclectic mixture of tales of mermaids, witches and sirens.

36 39 Urban Mermaid

Real-life 'urban mermaid' Lindsey Cole tells her story of swimming the length of the Thames in a mermaid tail, collecting litter as she swam.

58 59 Psychology Feb

Even if you are prepared and acclimatised, the prospect of swimming in cold water can cause worry and panic. Sport psychology consultant Helen Davis explains how to thrill to the chill.

62 63 Nutrition Feb

Stuck for recipes for healthy winter food? Nutritionist Kathy Findlay's winter warming grub is healthy and delicious, perfect for after a chilly swim.

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This week's photo of the week is of Helen Holt taking an early morning dip in Loch Leven. Photo by Chris Jeffery.

In each issue of the magazine we publish a selection of your images in our Selkie Reader Photo Contest. To be in with a chance of having your photo featured in the magazine and winning outdoor swimming kit and apparel from Selkie Swim Co enter your best pics now.

01 Cover March Copy

Issue 47 March 2021

  • Swimming with MND - How Alex Francis is redefining adventure with a regime of cold water swimming
  • New Horizons - Meet lockdown's army of new swimmers
  • On the Dry Side - How other sports can support your swimming.
  • UK Travel - Wild swim walks in Cornwall
  • The Native Origins of Freestyle - how white people named a style of swimming indigenous people had mastered millennia before

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