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10km Fast Split option

We all know long distance swim sets can be boring and there is a danger you become a plodder just ploughing through those lengths and getting ever slower. So as an alternative to the classic 100x100m, why not try your 10k training session like this. 

Here’s a 10km set designed to ensure you train your mind to remain focused throughout the swim, whilst you continue to keep the pace up.
If you are amending the times to suit your own speed, be sure to set your times ‘pace-clock friendly’. In other words, you don’t want to be swimming trying to calculate when your next set starts. Keep it simple. In my example 3 times through the set brings the clock back to the top.  The set equals 500m, so you are repeating it 20 times. (Sounds better than doing something 100 times!! – well, sounds a teeny weeny bit better!!)

  • 50metres off 50s
  • 100metres off 1.40
  • 150metres off 2.30
  • 200metres off 3.20

= 500m, do it 20 x through.
You will have so much to think about whilst you are swimming because the distance keeps changing and so does the time, that hopefully you will be through your 10k before you know it.

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