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How to use FINIS Bolster Hand Paddles

By Lee Stanbury, swimming coach and founder of Fit4Swimming*

What are they?

The Finis Bolster Paddle is another odd looking piece of kit from Finis but with some good thinking behind it. The paddle covers both the hand and forearm and effectively locks the wrist while swimming to encourage the user to develop a forearm dominated stroke, and can be used for all four strokes.

How to use them

The Bolster paddles can also be used with a pull buoy for a great upper body workout while improving skills at the same time. You could also try also using them in conjunction with a swimming snorkel, which will allow you to focus on your movements without having to turn your head to breathe.
Ideally, as with most training aids, try short distances with your Bolster paddles, especially initially, as this will help keep the focus on quality drills and performance, regardless of ability.

Sample training set

Try a set of 16x25m front crawl with 10 seconds rest between each 25m, aim for long strokes and steady speed.
A Front End snorkel is not vital but can help during the set. If you haven’t got one try breathing every4-5 strokes and keep an eye on what you’re doing.

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