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Power up, power down – recipe 2

Fuel your training sessions and outdoor swims and aid your recovery afterwards with the second of three recipes from Kathy Findlay

Peanut butter protein bars

You’ve braved the cool water and put in a sterling effort on your swim, you will be needing something to munch with your warming coffee… a tasty treat because you deserve it, but also something that will provide you with the necessary nutrient combination to help you recover well before you can enjoy something more substantial later in the day.

The recipe makes 12 bars, each bar providing the ideal ratio of protein to carbohydrates with 13g protein and 36g carbohydrates. They are easy to make and will keep well in an airtight container in the fridge.

  1. Whisk 250ml of coconut cream until nice and smooth
  2. Add 3 tbsp of honey
  3. Add 340g of peanut butter and mix well
  4. Add 450g of oats in stages until a thick, stiff dough texture
  5. Spread the mixture into a brownie tin lined with greaseproof paper until about 1 inch thick and put in the fridge for several hours
  6. Portion into 12 bars
  7. Wrap each bar in greaseproof paper and simply grab it, pack it with your flask and go.

Expert advice

Kathy Findlay is an open water swimmer, nutritional therapist and advanced sports and exercise nutritional advisor providing personalised nutritional advice and plans to athletes.
See Kathy’s Instagram account for more recipe ideas: food4sport_

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